The Bank and Beale Family

The Bank and Beale Family

The Bank Family:

Michael is our third son and we can’t imagine life without him. When he was born, his diagnosis of Down syndrome was a huge shock. I had two healthy pregnancies before and I was under 35 years old. But 12 years later, he has taught us so much about life and has touched so many people, that we can’t imagine Michael any other way. He attends our local middle school and participates in soccer and baseball leagues and has a busy social calendar thanks to KIIDS. We are proud and honored to be parents of such an amazing boy!


The Beale Family:

Hello.  My name is Geeanna, but everyone calls me Gee.  I am a 6 year old little girl.  My Mom found out when I was 5 months old (in utero) that I had down syndrome.  A scary time for her.  Mom didn’t know anything about down syndrome (at that time).  My doctors didn’t want to meet me, as they tried to guide my Mom to termination.  But not MY  Mom!  She definitely cried a river of tears during my final 4 months in her belly.  She took this time to educate herself and everyone around her about down syndrome.  Finally I was born on June 28th and my big brother Justin and big sister Janae were right there anxious to meet me.  Immediately Mom contacted KIIDS and soon became an active member, eventually taking the co-chair position.  My family and I have made many friendships through the years that will last a lifetime.  Thanks to all my friends and how involved they are in my life, I have a large following on the internet. Life couldn’t be any better for me!  As for Mom she tells me everyday “ I love you just the way you are”

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