Giulianna’s Heart Story


My name is Kimberly Touch Rinaldi and on June 19th, 2008 my third daughter, Giulianna Rose, was born with Down syndrome. During my own acceptance and awakening process to Giulianna’s diagnosis, I thought, “There should be a Down Syndrome Awareness piece of jewelry and how great would it be for Steven Lagos to help co-design it.” So, I got in touch with Steven Lagos, shared my design, we collaborated and the result is Giulianna’s Heart. My design of a heart originated out of my love for Giulianna and my own awareness that 40-60% of babies born with Down Syndrome have heart issues, some mild, some severe. The heart represents love, the love of and for your child and the loving nature of people with Down syndrome. The open areas in the heart represent open heart surgery, the openness of the heart to love and where true beauty lives, inner beauty. The abstracted H shape in the heart represents H for Heart, H for Hope and the Chambers of the Heart (abstracted). The element of the 7 groups of 3 circle/oval shapes represents Trisomy 21, the clinical term for Down syndrome. The element of

the 3 rose buds represents new birth, new life, trisomy (3) and to personalize this piece, I have 3 beautiful roses buds who all share the middle name of Rose, after my paternal grandmother (who passed when my father was 5) and my mother’s middle name, Agnes Rose Touch. Additionally, roses are a symbol of love, the love of a child and the loving nature of people with Down syndrome. The final element of the diamond shape within the abstracted H represents light and enlightenment and the enlightening nature of people with Down syndrome .

Giulianna’s Heart will be sold only through non-profit organizations to promote Down syndrome and cardiac awareness.

100% of the profits from the sale of Giulianna’s Heart will benefit non-profits that help support and educate the community about Down syndrome and congenital heart defects.

100% of the profits from KIIDS sales goes directly to KIIDS!!!!

Please complete a GiuliannaHeartForm and mail the order form with payment to:

PO Box 1546
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